A dynamic group of Southern Maryland business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, homemakers and people from all walks of life with a wide variety of life experiences.

We are  dedicated to helping each other grow and support our community through fundraising, special events, volunteer efforts, shared experiences, and more.


SMWL is an organization created by women for women. Our mission is to promote, strengthen and support women in our community through fellowship, education, service and mentoring programs.

We support these programs by distributing funds in the form of Grants, Scholarships and a 2-Year Service Project from the Southern Maryland Women's League Foundation. 


Our membership requirements are few, members:

- are invited to attend fun and informative programs and business meetings,

- must support and participate in our annual fund raiser, 

- must pay annual membership dues in a timely fashion,

- must serve on a program or committee of their choice.


The Southern Maryland Women’s League provides women with a wide range of opportunities to help each other succeed through the exchange of information, services, mentoring, charitable actions, shared experiences, friendship and motivational support.


OUR REGULAR MONTHLY MEETINGS are generally held the first Wednesday of each month at various locations throughout Southern Maryland.  


Our annual meetings and special events include:

- Regular social, educational, and business meetings

- Annual Mystery Bus Trip to unknown and exciting destinations

- Minute-to-Win-It Game Night

- Diva's Do's and Don't's new membership activities

- Annual Holiday Celebration

- After-Holiday White Elephant Gift Exchange

- Interactive Scavenger Hunt

- Annual Crab Feast or BBQ

- 2-Year Service Project and Scholarship review and selections

- Board of Directors selection and voting



Membership is by invitation, and guests generally attend three meetings to be considered for membership. After application submission, acceptance is voted upon by the entire membership. 

For additional information, contact a SMWL member or our Membership coordinator on

our Contact Us page. 


OUR MEMBERSHIP DUES are $160 annually

Dues are collected on July 1 at the beginning of our fiscal year.


Learn more about our League - check out our NEWSLETTERS


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, determined

citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing

that ever has"   – Margaret Mead

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