Governance encompasses the system by which our League is controlled and operates and the mechanisms by which it, and its members, are held to account. Our Board of Directors is an elected group of individuals that represent the entire membership. The board is a governing body that meets at regular intervals to set league management and oversight policies. 

Board of Directors


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and meetings of the general membership of the Corporation. The President shall provide the Agenda to the Board at least three days before the meeting. The President shall appoint chairpersons of all committees annually and shall be an Ex-Officio member of all committees. The President shall serve as Chair of the Nominations Committee.

If the President is a candidate for the Board of Directors or otherwise disqualified from serving as the Chair of the Nominations Committee, the most recent Immediate Past President available may serve as the Chair of the Nominations Committee.


In the absence or inability of the President to act of a vacancy in that office, the duties of the President shall be performed on an interim basis by the Vice President. The Vice President shall perform duties as are assigned by the Board if the President. 


The Treasurer shall (1) be responsible for the custody of the funds, and for safeguarding the assets; (2) shall have authority to open bank accounts in the name of the corporation and with such other person or persons as may be designated by the Board of Directors to sign checks and drafts and other papers requiring the payment of money; (3) cause all debts and obligations of the Corporation to be paid upon verification; (4) keep an accounting of all receipts and disbursements, which shall be open for inspection by the Directors and Auditors; (5) give a report of accounts at meetings of the BoD and present a draft Budget to the Board; (6) facilitate annual audit and ensure that federal and state tazes and reports are filed; (7) present the approved Annual Budget to the membership at theAnnual meeting; (8) present an Annual Statement of all receipts and disbursements at the first general memebership meeting of the new fiscal year; and (9) provide a financial report to the membership no less than quarterly. 


The Secretary shall prepare and issue notices of meetings of the Board of Directors and shall distribute draft minutes to the BoD at least five days before a regular meeting. The Secretary shall record minutes and shall maintain the record of books in good order for all minutes of meetings of the BoD, general membership meetings, and all resolutions of the BoD. The Secretary shall call roll at the commencement of meetings of the BoD's and shall track attendance of members of the Board. The Secretary shall notify the Board when members of the BoD fail to meet attendance requirements as set forth in Article V, Section 5.5 of these Bylaws. Secretary shall collect and maintain committee meeting minutes.

OTHER OFFICERS - BOD has the authority to elect additional officers including.




Bylaws Section 7.1: Committees - The Corporation shall operate with the assistance of Standing and Special Ad Hoc Committees. Unless otherwise stated in these Bylaws, all committee actions are considered recommendations to the Board of Directors, and not official board action.

Members of the Corporation are eligible to serve on committees unless otherwise provided in these Bylaws, or by State law. Vacancies in the membership of any committee may be filled by the Chairperson with notification to the Board. At least one member of the Board of Directors shall serve on each Committee.

Section 7.2: Committee Procedures - Each Committee shall maintain Standard Operating procedures. Committees shall report to the Board of Directors concerning all matters upon which it has acted, record minutes of its meetings, and deliver a copy of such minutes to the Secretary of the Corporation. Committees are authorized to operate within the budgeted amount approved by the Board of Directors. Committees may not exceed the amount budgeted by the Board, without written Board approval. 

Section 7.3.2: Membership Committee - The Membership Committee's purpose is to recruit new members and retain current members. The Committee will maintain a master list of members and their contact information and share this information as needed with the membership. The Committee will (1) supervise the electronic approval of new members to the Corporation and Foundation, (2) coordinate New Member Orientation, and (3) work closely with the Board, and (4) maintain a sub-committee to offer greetings, condolences, and other support to members. 

Section 7.3.4: Public Relations Committee - The Public Relations Committee's purpose is to communicate with the membership and the general public. The Committee may maintain an official website and publish a newsletter with meeting information, committee updates, and other information of interest. The Committee will generate goodwill and positive recognition for the Corporation and Foundation, provide support to all committees, and work closely with the Board.