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OUR 2019/2020 Board of Directors


President: Suzanne Wible
Vice President: Candice Kelly
Treasurer: Pam Frank
Foundation Treasurer: Rona Kelley

Secretary: Kelly McCormack

Chairs for the Standing Committees are:
Program: Becky Hoffman and Carole Lewis, Co-Chairs
Membership: Suzanne Wible and Linda Cox, Co-Chairs 
Public Relations: Andy Sanford
Fund Raiser: Pam Frank 
Care: Natalie McKinney


2006-2007 Rona Kelley
2007-2008 Rona Kelley
2008-2009 Diana Rucci
2009-2010 Diana Rucci
2010-2011 Doris Folineo
2011-2012 Terry Davis
2012-2013 Laura Brown
2013-2014 Laura Brown
2014-2015 Brenda Lowe
2015-2016 Diana Rucci
2016-2017 Diana Rucci
2017 Mia Allen-Anayanian

2018-20 - Suzanne Wible

2006-2007 Candice Kelly
2007-2008 Candice Kelly
2008-2009 Mollie Gieseman

Over the past 10 years, we have donated over $225,000 in support of programs, scholarships, organizations, education, resources and special events in support of women and children within our community.


If you know a SMWL member, contact her directly and ask her to invite you to our next meeting! If you consider yourself a dynamic woman of impact, and wish to have fun and raise funds with your SMWL sisters, we'd love to hear from you! Please send us a note in the contact area above. Tell us a little about yourself, and share your contact information.


We look forward to meeting you and working together soon!

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