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By using the Message box

below or by mail to:


P.O. Box 2511

Waldorf, MD 20604     




  • President: Becky Hoffman 

  • Vice President: Andrea Sanford

  • Treasurer Corporation: Pam Frank

  • Treasurer Foundation: Ruth Mudd

  • Secretary: Brenda Lowe 


  • Laura Bryant: Chair - Grants Committee

  • Helen Heier: Membership

  • Tequila House: Programs 

  • Candice Kelly: Care Committee

  • Brenda Lowe: Chair - Scholarships Committee

  • Andy Sanford: Chair - Programs, PR/ Communications, Membership.


2006-2007 Rona Kelley
2007-2008 Rona Kelley
2008-2009 Diana Rucci
2009-2010 Diana Rucci
2010-2011 Doris Folineo
2011-2012 Terry Davis
2012-2013 Laura Brown
2013-2014 Laura Brown
2014-2015 Brenda Lowe
2015-2016 Diana Rucci
2016-2017 Diana Rucci
2017 Mia Allen-Anayanian

2018-2021 Suzanne Wible

2022-2023 Candice Kelly

2006-2007 Candice Kelly
2007-2008 Candice Kelly
2008-2009 Mollie Gieseman

Contact us...

Thank you for contacting the SMWL

Over the past 14 years, our members have come together to raise and donate over $335,000 in support of programs, scholarships, organizations, education, resources, and special events in support of women and children within our community. We thank all members past and present and sponsors for contributing to this success.


If you know an SMWL member, contact her directly and ask her to invite you to our next meeting! If you wish to have fun and raise funds with your SMWL sisters, we'd love to hear from you! Please send us a note in the contact area above. Tell us a little about yourself, and share your information.


We look forward to meeting you and working together soon!

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