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We are a dynamic group of women from all walks of life and we truly enjoy spending time together to celebrate our success, raise funds to support our community, and to simply chill-out and enjoy each other's company!


Our Programs Committee works diligently to plan fun and interactive meetings and special events -- here's a quick overview of the upcoming Calendar!


GENERAL MEETINGS AND PROGRAMS ARE THE FIRST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED – There is a cost for members and guest. Additional information will be shared as we get closer to each month’s event. Watch your emails for special invitations & announcements. Monthly Hands-on Service Projects added to each meeting’s agenda.


FEBRUARY: 2/5/20 – The Charles in La Plata - General Meeting and Valentine Celebration

Service Project - Charlotte Hall Veteran’s Home – bring electric razors, sweatpants, sweatshirts, body wash, and deodorant for residents.    


MARCH: 3/4/20 –  Grille 13 - General Meeting with an Irish flair!

Service Project - School children at a school TBD - Packets of seeds with SMWL logo with a mission statement and ice cream coupon from Texas Ribs (waiting for a reply from contact). 

APRIL: 4/1/20 – Kaow Thai Restaurant - General Meeting – Two Year Grant selection

Service Project - Charles County Nursing Home - treats and candy to put in little gift bags for the seniors with Easter theme. 

MAY: 5/6/20 - SMWL Scavenger Hunt or New Event TBD – Very mysterious!

Service Project - U.S. Marines Chemical Biological Incident Response Force stationed at Indian Head - coffee, snacks, signed cards, and gift cards collected and sent to the Marines at Indian Head.

JUNE: 6/3/20 - Member Appreciation Night/ Election of Officers/ Committee member sign up. – Rucci’s Italian Deli

Service Project - Angel’s Watch and LifeStyles -  Juice boxes, healthy snacks and summer fun books (puzzles, math fun books) for school-aged children. MEMBERS ONLY




  • FEBRUARY 18, 2020

  • MARCH 17, 2020

  • APRIL 21, 2020

  • MAY 19, 2020

  • JUNE 16, 2020


Interested in joining the Southern Maryland Women's League? Send us a message here and we'll have a Membership Chair reach out to you with an invitation for an upcoming meeting.

Have a great place or idea for an interactive meeting? If you have a great place or an interesting program that you think would be a great idea for one of our monthly meetings and that can hold 50+ guests, please send us a message and we'll share with our Programs Committee for a site visitor program overview.

The Southern Maryland Women's League also holds one large fundraiser or special event each year. This large event requires all-hands-on-deck to create, plan and implement. This event is usually at a larger venue. Proceeds raised from a major fundraiser support the SMWL Foundation and our mission to help women and families within our community.

Our Monthly Meetings & Special Events are a blast - check out the photos here!