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Upcoming Events and Activities

We are a dynamic group of women from all walks of life and we truly enjoy spending time together to celebrate our success, raise funds to support our community, and simply chill out and enjoy each other's company!

SMWL CALENDAR OF EVENTS    |  Updated June 2024


SECOND Wednesday of each month (unless a special event is planned)


-  JANUARY: Wednesday the 10th - After-Holiday Gift Exchange, Hunan Star

-  FEBRUARY: Wednesday the 7th - Axe Throwing & Festive Fare, BadAxe 

-  MARCH: Wednesday the 6th - General Meeting & Dinner, SoMD Business Center

-  APRIL: Wednesday the 10th – Minute 2 Win It at Bayou Girl Drink Factory

-  MAY: Wednesday the 15th - Ladies Nite BINGO, A|R Workshop

- JUNE: Wednesday the 12th – Member Appreciation & Elections, Swan Point Country Club

- JULY: Vacation time -- no meeting... New Board/Committee to review...



THIRD Tuesday of every other month at A|R Workshop (unless a special meeting is planned)

- July 12 – Wednesday

- September 19, Tuesday

- November 21, Tuesday 

- January 16, Tuesday

- March 19, Tuesday

- May 21, Tuesday

- July 16, Tuesday



Every other non-board meeting month. Please submit your by-the-ways, business information with any special SMWL offers, and celebrations or announcements to

-  August 

-  October

-  December 

-  February 

-  April 

-  June

-  August

-  October

-  December

Our Programs Committee works diligently to plan fun and interactive meetings and special events -- here's a quick overview of the upcoming Calendar!

Interested in joining the Southern Maryland Women's League? Send us a message here and we'll have a Membership Chair reach out to you with an invitation for an upcoming meeting.

Have a great place or idea for an interactive meeting? If you have a great place or an interesting program that you think would be a great idea for one of our monthly meetings and that can hold 50+ guests, please send us a message and we'll share with our Programs Committee for a site visitor program overview.

The Southern Maryland Women's League also holds one large fundraiser or special event each year. This large event requires all-hands-on-deck to create, plan, and implement. This event is usually at a larger venue. Proceeds raised from a major fundraiser support the SMWL Foundation and our mission to help women and families within our community.

Our Monthly Meetings & Special Events are a blast - check out the photos here!

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