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Mystery Trip

SMWL MYSTERY TRIP | Whew... What a fun night! Everyone enjoyed the journey of the Titanic The Exhibition and the incredible interactive show by Bobby McKey's Dueling Piano Bar's performers at National Harbor!

We know a Mystery Trip involves a lot of trust -- as you are paying blindly for an event. We appreciate your trust in us, and we hope that everyone enjoyed the entire experience. We truly appreciate your membership in the SMWL, and the 36 members and guests who reserved seats to join in the fun! For those who were sick or on fabulous vacations around the world -- we really missed you!

Just think... on any normal Wednesday night, you'd be in your jammies by 8:00 pm watching the Masked Singer. And, last night you were out drinking wine on a brand new luxury Bus, traveling back to 1912, and signing "Girls' Just Wanna Have Fun" on the top of your lungs!

Special thanks go out to Katie Pierce for shopping for/making/prepping the delicious turkey wraps and dark chocolate-covered pretzels. And, to Becky Hoffman and Tequila House for stuffing the bags, set-up, check-in, and packing up; to Darlene Breck for inviting us to use her place of business to set up and meet. And, congrats to Founding Member, Rona Kelley for winning the Heads or Tails Prize -- bringing her great fortune and fame!

As the League President, Becky Hoffman shared last night, we love to get together to have fun, and we also love our commitment to supporting our community. Over the past 17 years, we have raised funds and shared over $325,000 through SMWL-sponsored scholarships and grants for numerous local non-profits. It is through your continued support and commitment to SMWL that we can enjoy such an amazing history of success. If you were a guest and would like to consider joining, please view our website to learn more. We really are a dynamic group of women doing extraordinary things!

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