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Membership has it's advantages...

SMWL Annual 
Full Membership Dues
$250 Due by July 1, 2022


SMWL Foundation Donation (501c3)
$250 Due by December 1, 2022

After attending 3 Meetings, prospective members may submit an Application and Bio to their Sponsor. The Sponsor will share with the Membership Committee for review and a full membership vote.
Once/if approved by the membership the prospective member will be notified. Membership materials will be shared once membership fees are complete.


NOTE* The Southern Maryland Women’s League Membership requirements are few. Membership connects you with a dynamic group of women from all walks of life who are dedicated to helping each other succeed through the exchange of information, services, mentoring, charitable actions, shared experiences, friendship, and motivation support. Your regular SMWL Annual Dues support administrative fees, supplement our special programs/activities/events, reimburse the cost of supplies, and cover your attendance at the end-of-year holiday party.


SPECIAL 2022 FOUNDATION SUPPORT: For the League to provide donations in support of our charitable obligations (2-Year Program Support, CSM Scholarships, and a variety of Grants), all members historically, have come together to host an annual fundraiser through our 501c3 non-profit SMWL FOUNDATION. Your participation in this annual fundraiser is a requirement of membership. Due to continued covid-related guidelines that discourage large group gatherings, all members were contacted individually by the AD-Hoc Committee to review options and find a resolution. Through these conversations, League members opted NOT to hold an annual fundraiser this year and agreed collectively to provide a personal donation of $250 (or more) payable to the SMWL Foundation.


PAST EVENT TASKS & REWARDS: Participation in our Annual Fundraiser normally includes the overall event theme development, serving on a committee, attending committee planning and implementation meetings and workshops, silent auction item donations, event ticket, and raffle ticket sales, marketing of the event, gathering sponsorships, individual sponsorships, inviting the participation of friends, family, co-workers, attendance at the event, and of course set-up and take-down. Through these outstanding efforts from our cherished members like you, over the past 14 years, we have donated well over $325,000 back to our community in support of women (and a few single fathers) and children in need.


THANK YOU: Your commitment to the SMWL and tax-deductible donation of $250 (or more) ensures we can continue our mission of service and excellence. Check with your accountant for individual needs. We are grateful for your SMWL membership and outstanding Foundation support.    

Over the past twelve years, the Southern Maryland Women's League has donated over $325,000 in support of programs to benefit women and children within our community. It is through our annual fundraisers, special events, and activities that we are able to raise these funds. We encourage local business owners, residents, and other women of impact to join us in our mission and support the SMWL by participating in these events and through direct donations to our SMWL Foundation. We thank you in advance for your support. 

DONATIONS... over the past year, your Board has continued operations with monthly virtual meetings, Care Committee reaches, informative emails and Newsletters, a Virtual Party, League, and Foundation financial overview and management, and grant submission reviews with monetary distributions to many local and worthy causes including: 

-   $500 - The Poeima Movement

-   $500 The Catherine Foundation

-   Up to $15,000 -to the Dream Queen Foundation - 2022/24 - 2-Year Grant Recipient

-   Scholarships: College of Southern Maryland (CSM) - $3,000 
-   Grant: Big Hair Ball/Lifestyles Sponsorship - $2,500, Sponsor: Anne Rees 
-   Grant: Special Olympics - $250 - Sponsor: Suzanne Wible 
-   Grant: Families in Recovery/Charles County Drug Court - $700, 
Sponsor: Candice Kelly 
-   Grant: Hospice of Charles County - $500, Sponsor: Rona Kelley 
-   Grant: Spring Dell - $500, Sponsor: Rona Kelley 
-   Grant: Port Tobacco Players - $500, Sponsor: Rona Kelley 
-   Grant: The Arnold House - $1,000, Sponsor: Diana Rucci 
-   Grant: KidSTREAM, Inc. - $1,000, Sponsor: Darlene Breck 
-   Grant: Charles County Literacy Council - $1,000, Sponsor: Ruth Mudd 
-   Grant: Southern Maryland Carousel Group - $500, Sponsor: Lisa Case 
-   Grant: Lifestyles, Inc. - $1,000, Sponsor: Ann Rees 
-   Grant: Maryland Crime Victims Resource Ctr. $1,000, Sponsor: Laura Forbes 
-   Grant: Wayside Food Bank - $500, Sponsor: Ruth Mudd 
-   League Funds: Boxed Lunches for Community Homeless - $500, Sp
onsor: Teresa Klopfer 

From your entire Board of Directors and Committee Chairs, we are honored to have the opportunity to serve together on behalf of you - our members, our community, and the mission we serve. 

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