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Galentines Bad Axe Throwing

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2024 | Who knew that we were such a fantastic group of bad axe ladies? Twenty-three members and guests came together to enjoy a Galantines celebration with pizza, wings, salad, decadent desserts, and cocktails before forging ahead to the evening’s main event of axe throwing! We heard so many fun and positive comments throughout the night including, my favorite from Chrisie Mulcahey, “It’s already pretty empowering to throw an axe, then if you get close to the bull’s eye, you feel like a total rock star!”

Thank you to our Programs Committee for planning such a great event, and thank you to Natonya Thomas for suggesting the venue. If you are having fun at our monthly meetings, please consider joining Andy & and Katie in planning and hosting an upcoming program/meeting/event. We could really use your help! 

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